Terms of Use

  1. Additional guests are only allowed when renting the conference room or a private office. Hot desk renters are not allowed guests or visitors inside the premises. You are responsible for actions of your guests while on the premises. All guests must be accompanied by you at all times while on the premises. You agree to be responsible for any damage caused by your guests while on the premises.
  2. You shall use and occupy the premises for the purpose of office space. The premises shall be used for no other purpose without our written permission. You will not use the premises or any of its utilities to engage in any illegal conduct, including:
    • to send unsolicited commercial messages;
    • to transmit any false, inaccurate or misleading information;
    • to be defamatory, obscene, indecent, threatening, or harassing;
    • to infringe upon any third party’s intellectual property rights;
    • to access protected data or intercept personal information without authorization.
  3. You agree to this rental under normal and customary use. Any increase in occupancy must be approved in advance by us. Under no circumstances may people under the age of 18 or animals accompany you or guests at the premises.
  4. You understand the premises, due to its age and structure, is not required to be handicapped accessible, currently is not handicapped accessible, will make no requests for it to be made so, and will hold us harmless against any related claims from handicapped guests. You will alone be responsible for any accommodations for your handicapped guests.
  5. Landlord is not responsible for your personal property. You shall remove any personal property upon termination of this Agreement. Any personal property remaining on the premises after termination of this Agreement will be disposed of by us. You waive all claims regarding your personal property.
  6. You will make every effort to minimize wear and tear of the premises and its contents and are liable for any damage you cause to them beyond normal wear and tear.
  7. We are all sharing a space and realize what we do affects others. Make every reasonable attempt to work harmoniously with other renters and minimize your affect upon their business operations: Be mindful of noise. When using a speakerphone, always close your door and keep your speaker volume and your voice to a conversational tone or lower. If you have trouble hearing, use earbuds or a headset.